4 Big Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Business

commercial carpet cleaningDepending on the line of business you’re in, you may not give the carpet in your environment much thought. The reality, however, is that carpet makes a big difference in the success of your operation. Commercial carpet cleaning is important aspect of your business. And a professional carpet cleaning can help keep your good reputation intact. Continue reading “4 Big Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Business”

3 Smart Choices for Basement Carpeting

Basement carpet cleaningChoosing carpeting for a basement is complicated. There are many variables to consider, especially moisture. If your pipes burst in the cold of a Michigan winter, you have a leak, or there is flooding after heavy snows melt, your basement will bear the brunt of these problems. And if you have basement carpeting, it won’t fare all that well with moisture. Carpeting is, by nature, highly absorbent. Continue reading “3 Smart Choices for Basement Carpeting”

Prepare Your Home for Allergy Season with Carpet Cleaning and More

allergy season carpet cleaningIf you are an allergy sufferer, you know it is never too soon to prepare for allergy season. With the odd changes in weather and temperatures, it’s hard to say when spring will actually be in full bloom. Prep now to protect your tender sinuses and skin from the worst of seasonal allergies. Here are just a handful of ways to safeguard your home, from duct cleaning to carpet cleaning. Continue reading “Prepare Your Home for Allergy Season with Carpet Cleaning and More”

5 Secrets to Falling in Love with Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

love your wall-to-wall carpetingMaybe you live in an upper-floor apartment or condo and are required to have wall-to-wall carpeting. Perhaps you are renting and are not the decision-maker who chooses what floor coverings your home will have. Then again, you might have all the opportunity and room in the world to change your carpeting but you don’t have the energy, resources, or desire to do so. If you must live with carpeting in your home (for whatever reason), but you’re not particularly smitten with this floor covering, it’s time to learn the secrets of falling in love with your wall-to-wall carpeting. Continue reading “5 Secrets to Falling in Love with Wall-to-Wall Carpeting”

6 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Carpet

childproof your carpetWhen you have babies and little kids running around your home, carpet cleanliness takes on a whole new meaning. Even if you have rules about not eating in the family room, or only doing crafts at the craft table, it is impossible to completely eliminate the kinds of stains caused by a child. From food spills to spit-up, diaper blow-outs to a rogue marker, kids manage to leave small and large messes in their wake. There are, however, some ways to successfully protect your carpet from the chaos of children. Continue reading “6 Clever Ways to Childproof Your Carpet”

4 Ways to Combat High-Traffic Carpet Areas

high-traffic carpet areasWe are creatures of habit. Whether you and your family take your shoes off before walking on the carpet or not, there are certain areas of your carpet that get more use than others. And walking paths are unlikely to change once a habit has been formed. People take the same path from living room to kitchen. They walk on the same section of the stairs. High-traffic carpet areas can quickly become dingy, dark, and worn. It helps to know how to cope with the inevitable dirt in between professional carpet cleanings. Continue reading “4 Ways to Combat High-Traffic Carpet Areas”

4 Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY carpet cleaningFeeling ambitious about cleaning your own carpets? This surge of enthusiasm can translate into an undertaking that is far too big for you to manage properly on your own. Sure, there are carpet cleaning machines for rent at some grocery stores and home improvement stores. The fact that these machines are available encourages the do-it-yourself mentality. But carpet cleaning is one DIY adventure that could go very wrong during or after the fact. Continue reading “4 Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning”