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    Nu-Way 24-Hour Flood Services

    One of the worst sounds you can hear in your home is the noise of gushing water. Whatever the source of the water, the flooding may or may not be easy to stop. But one thing is for certain – whether an inch of water or a foot of water, the damage has been done and if it is not tended to immediately, the aftereffects can be damaging to your home and your family’s health.

    24-Hour Flood Services
    24-Hour Flood Services

    Why You Need a 24-Hour Flood Services Response Team

    Pipes burst, tubs and sinks overflow, basements flood from rainwater or melting snow. Flooding can come in various shapes and sizes, but it always leaves behind the same problems: moisture, the potential for mold to grow, and property damage. While the first thing on any homeowner’s mind when water is flooding their home is to stop the water, the next most important matter is finding someone to clean up the mess – and fast.

    The key to reducing the cost from water damage and potentially mold is speed and thoroughness. A 24-hour flood response team reduces the inconvenience of flooding and gets your home back to normal as soon as possible. Mold can develop in a flooded area within 24 to 48 hours. When items become soaked in a flood, you may wish to discard them and start fresh. Items that have been wet for less than 48 hours may be salvageable, but it is up to you whether an item has the monetary or sentimental value for it to be worth the effort to save. Often, rugs and furniture that have been saturated will be difficult to dry completely and effectively and, for safety purposes, should be discarded.

    What You Can Do While Waiting for Emergency Response Team?

    There are several steps that you can take in your home while waiting for your 24-hour flood clean-up team to arrive.

    • Protect yourself: The water running through your home may be clear, but in the chance that it is contaminated, wear waterproof boots or clothing as well as rubber gloves to protect yourself from contaminants.
    • Turn off the electricity (with caution!): Even if the water is not high enough to reach electrical outlets, it is a good idea to turn off the electricity supply to the affected area. There is always the chance of electrical shock, particularly for someone in a flooded basement which typically houses the furnace, washer, dryer, or other appliances. Don’t stand directly in the water when turning off electrical switches! Use a dry piece of wood or a rubber or plastic pole to turn the switch off while standing on wood or plastic – something that does not conduct electricity
    • Stop the water, if possible: Find the source of the water and stop it from penetrating your home. Whether that means using buckets to catch water, towels to stop seepage, or turning off the water supply completely if your pipes have burst, do your best to stop the water from continuing to flood into your home if possible.
    • Document the damage: Before you move any furniture, make any repairs, or do any clean-up, take photos and/or video of the damage to your home – including markers showing the height of the flood water and damaged or flood-soaked possessions – and fully document the problem so that you have evidence for insurance purposes.
    • Call your insurance company: If you already know from the extent of the damage to your home that the repairs and clean-up will be extensive and costly, contact your insurance company as soon as possible to determine what your coverage is, what kind of information they need from you, and to inform them of the repairs you intend to do immediately, especially 24-hour flood clean-up.
    • Air out the area: Open any doors and windows in the flooded area – providing there is not additional water that would come in through these sources – to allow fresh air to circulate through the affected area.
    • Move items: Move furniture or valuables away from the damaged area, roll up carpets and wash them or hang them out to dry, and move any soaked items out of the water.
    24-Hour Flood Services
    24-Hour Flood Services

    Choose Nu-Way Cleaning Services for 24-Hour Flood Services

    Your safety is our first priority. Our job as your 24-hour flood response team is to minimize any water damage with quick and thorough action and leave your home clean and dry.

    • Immediate response to flood damage.
    • Professional moisture detection and evaluation of the flooded area, as well as documentation of the conditions inside and outside of the building and documentation of the source and time of flooding, visible deterioration, pre-existing damage, new damage, and microbial growth.
    • State-of-the-art high temperature drying equipment to remove water, control temperature and humidity, and help prevent swelling and warping of furniture, walls, and floors.
    • Cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of the affected area to deter the growth of mildew, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms.
    • Deodorization to eliminate odors.
    • Furniture and belongings removal of salvageable possessions and damaged or unsalvageable property.
    • Dehumidification.

    The Nu-Way is the proven way to deal with your water emergency. Contact us immediately for our 24-Hour Flood Services response team in Metro Detroit. Nu-Way is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving residential and commercial customers since 1985.

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