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Carpet Cleaning in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Sterling Heights Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Sterling Heights  sterling heights

Nu-Way Carpet Cleaning has been a family-owned and operated Michigan business for over 30 years. We serve both residential and commercial customers and provide amazing benefits with our through carpet cleaning, including:

  • Better indoor air quality. An important job of carpeting is to trap allergens and bacteria. But then it’s necessary to remove the undesirables from the carpet with a professional carpet cleaning to maintain good air quality.
  • Making your carpet look like new. You thought that stain would never come out, didn’t you? Michigan carpet cleaning done by pros results in a carpet that looks brand new again.
  • A prolonged carpet life. The cleaner a carpet is, the longer it will last. Regular vacuuming helps, but professional carpet cleanings deep-clean the fibers.
  • Easier carpet maintenance. If your carpet is sporting a lot of stains and spots, it will only get dirtier over time and the spots will be harder to remove. Tend to soils immediately, protect your floor covering from permanent damage, and treat your carpet kindly with regular carpet cleanings.
  • A better-looking home. If your carpet looks clean, your home will look cleaner too.

Why Frequent Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary

Carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months at a minimum. If you have carpet that is heavily trafficked or serious allergy- or asthma-sufferers in residence, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

There are other factors that impact how often you should have your carpet cleaned:

  • You have children. (They’re messy. Accidents happen.)
  • You have a pet. (They shed. The world is their toilet.)
  • You wear your shoes on the rug. (Everything you step on outside is now inside. Ew.)
  • You walk barefoot on the rug. (Oily feet cause stains.)
  • You don’t tend to spills immediately. (Maybe you didn’t see it. Maybe you didn’t know what to do to fix it.)
  • Your carpet looks dirty. (You’re only seeing the surface dirt. Imagine what’s hidden down deep in the carpet fibers!)

At Nu-Way, our carpet cleaning services are 100% guaranteed and are performed using state-of-the-art truck-mounted cleaning systems. The steam extraction method – the top carpet-cleaning method and recommended by major carpet manufacturers – cleans down to the carpet backing and decreases drying time.

Environmentally Responsible Carpet Cleaning

People who suffer with allergies and asthma are sensitive to changes in air quality. Carpets serve as a filter, reducing contaminants in the air, but then the undesirables must be removed from the carpet. Professional carpet-cleaning equipment has the suction power to eliminate the undesirable elements and lower the air contaminants in your space.

At Nu-Way we use environmentally safe products. Plus, our experienced, trained, and background-checked technicians examine your carpet before getting to work. Each stain, soil, or spot is evaluated and treated appropriately for maximum removal and cleanliness.

Sterling Heights Carpet Cleaning by Nu-Way

Nu-Way’s certified carpet-cleaning technicians provide our guaranteed expert quality services and results. All technicians pass a background and drug-screening check so you will feel safe with our staff in your home.

Each Sterling Heights carpet cleaning begins with a walk-through. This is the time for you to draw attention to areas of concern and an opportunity for the technician to identify carpeting sections that require special treatment before dirt, odors, stains, and spots are eliminated with our powerful and exceptional cleaning process.

Every Nu-Way carpet cleaning includes the following:

  • Pre-treatment on stains.
  • Dirt and moisture extraction with truck-mounted system.
  • Steam clean with on-board water system.
  • Scrubbing of high-traffic areas.
  • Clear-water rinse to eliminate residue.
  • Raise and block furniture.
  • Reduced dry time of between two and five hours.

Have a healthier home or office.   Contact Nu-Way Cleaning Services for Sterling Heights carpet cleaning.

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