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What is Hiding in Your Ducts?

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    Air duct cleaning is an essential part of regular maintenance for your home. Your home’s air quality is affected by far more than just how often you open the windows for a good airing out. If you think about the things that you get changed regularly, like the oil in your car, duct cleaning makes sense – the more debris in the system, the harder the system has to work, if it works properly at all, and the less wear and tear on the parent system. Investing in an air duct cleaning creates a healthier home environment.

    air duct cleaning
    air duct cleaning

    Your Air Ducts Are Dirtier Than You Realize

    Did you just dust two days ago and there is a fine coating of dust on your furniture again? When it seems like the dust in your house is appearing far too often, it makes sense to assume that there is dust – and other undesirable components – in your air vents. And if you can see dust on your surfaces, think of all the places you can’t see where it’s landing – like in your carpet fibers, on your bedding, and in your hair.

    An air duct cleaning is capable of providing several home and personal improvements:

    • Dull allergies: By reducing any allergens that are trapped in the air ducts or that keep recirculating through your home, an air duct cleaning can minimize the discomfort suffered by people with allergies. Instead of waking up sneezing you can wake up breathing deeply and cleanly.
    • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system: Addressing dirty coils and blowers in your HVAC system can provide long-term energy savings. You may find yourself using the air conditioner less in the summer and the heat less in the winter because the air flow is markedly improved with a thorough air duct cleaning.
    • Make your house smell better: Admit it, sometimes there’s that stale smell wafting through your home or concentrated in one area, particularly when you just turn on the air or heat for the first time that season. An air duct cleaning can diminish the mustiness.
    • Give you a cleaner home: Clean air ducts mean less dust particles in the air and a reduction in allergens, which means cleaner surfaces and carpeting in your home. You may find yourself needing to dust less after an air duct cleaning.

    Reasons You Should Consider an Air Duct Cleaning

    It’s likely that most homes could benefit from an air duct cleaning, especially if your HVAC system is not serviced regularly or you aren’t keeping careful track of changing the filters in your home. There are, however, some situations where a cleaning can be notably beneficial:

    • Recently completed construction project: Finish your basement, upgrade your master bath, renovate the kitchen? With construction comes dust, and plenty of it has likely taken up root in your ducts.
    • You have pets: Pets shed, even if it’s not always visible, and pet dander is in your home – and in your ducts – if your pet lives inside with you.
    • Smokers live in the home: Smoking has its own effect on air quality, and you can be certain that air ducts bear the extra burden of filtering smoke through the system every time another puff circulates.
    • High energy bills: Are you paying too much to run your furnace or air conditioner? It might not be the age of your system or your sensitivity to heat and cold but rather a build-up in your ductwork.
    • Changing weather conditions: Are you an allergy sufferer or someone who is easily affected by the slightest change in weather? The shifting seasons are a good reason to have your air ducts cleared out, reducing allergens circulating through your house from seasonal pollen, leaves, mold, or other triggers.
    air duct cleaning
    air duct cleaning

    Best Practices for an Air Duct Cleaning

    Cleaning debris from your air ducts, furnaces, and central air is beneficial, particularly for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. And if you suspect mold, excessive debris, or pests in your air ducts, it’s important to have the system inspected and, if necessary, cleaned.

    There is great value to this type of cleaning when it is conducted by a reputable, established, and experienced company. A through cleaning should include cleaning the ducts, but also addressing the components that air passes over, like the coils and central system. Because of the meticulousness that proper air duct cleaning requires, the job should take several hours to complete.

    Don’t be afraid to ask your technician to explain what they’re doing or define the terminology they’re using – air handler, evaporator coil, and so on – so you’re more educated about your home’s duct system and its needs. You should feel comfortable about watching the workmen take care of your system as well and keep an eye on the amount of debris they’re gathering from your ducts.

    Choose Nu-Way Cleaning Services for Your Air Duct Cleaning

    When you look at your filter, supply ductwork, and return grills, you can see if there is a buildup of debris in your system. And if it’s that easy to see a buildup without getting deep into the ductwork, rest assured your entire system is being affected.

    When you choose Nu-Way Cleaning Services for your air duct cleaning, your home will feel and be fresher and cleaner, especially when combined with a thorough carpet cleaning.

    The Nu-Way is the proven way to clean your air ducts. Contact us today for an estimate. Nu-Way is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving residential and commercial customers in Macomb County since 1985.

    air duct cleaning

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