Prepare Your Home for Allergy Season with Carpet Cleaning and More

allergy season carpet cleaningIf you are an allergy sufferer, you know it is never too soon to prepare for allergy season. With the odd changes in weather and temperatures, it’s hard to say when spring will actually be in full bloom. Prep now to protect your tender sinuses and skin from the worst of seasonal allergies. Here are just a handful of ways to safeguard your home, from duct cleaning to carpet cleaning.

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Keep Pollen Outside

It can be tempting to throw open the windows as soon as warmer breezes blow, but you’re also inviting in pollen with those mild temps. Keep your doors and windows closed – screens will not keep those tiny particles out – to make sure you’re not populating your house with allergens. And as spring cleaning commences, focus on the places in your home where allergens are most likely to accumulate, like carpeting, air filters, window frames, and upholstery. Vacuum often and invest in a spring carpet cleaning.

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Guard Against Mold

Mold is one of the scariest things that could invade your home. Its presence can kick allergies into high gear. Investigate your basement, bathrooms, kitchen, and any areas that could potentially produce leaks. If melting Michigan snows or heavy rains cause any flooding in your home, keep a 24-hour flood service number programmed into your phone for emergencies. Tending to standing water as soon as possible helps reduce the chances of mold developing.

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Filter Out Allergens

It’s important to change your HVAC filters every three months, but it’s especially critical to attend to this task during allergy season. If you have pets, your likelihood of having allergens in the house are even bigger – not only because of your pet’s fur, but because your pet will also be tracking pollen and dirt into the house. Air duct cleaning is also recommended service to prevent ducts from recirculating allergy-polluted air throughout your home.

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Get Cleaning Help

If you will be doing your spring cleaning on your own, protect yourself from allergens and dust by wearing a surgical mask while cleaning. Even changing bedsheets and pillowcases can be difficult for sensitive folks. Severe allergy sufferers should outsource major clean-ups as much as possible. Steam cleaning for carpets and rugs – including under the furniture – will help give your home a fresh start to spring.

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Rely on Your Carpeting

While you may be tempted to rip out your carpeting come allergy season, remember that carpeting is actually an allergy sufferer’s friend. Carpeting acts as a filter, collecting allergens – as long as you vacuum regularly and invest in seasonal professional carpet cleaning, you can help keep your carpet, and your home, an allergy-free zone.

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