Is Your Home Carpeting Making You Sick?

home carpetingYou vacuum your home carpeting, and it looks completely clean and flawless. However, even when a carpet appears to be clean, it can harbor all sorts of undesirable things – and the accumulation of these elements can make you sick. Getting regular professional carpet cleanings is one way to combat the reality of living with carpeting so you can fully enjoy your floor covering. Continue reading “Is Your Home Carpeting Making You Sick?”

Protect Your Clean Carpet from Your Kids with a Michigan Carpet Cleaning

Michigan clean carpetMost children do not set out to ruin the carpet in your home. Accidents happen, someone forgets to remove their shoes, an open marker gets dropped on its tip, the list is endless. The damage to your clean carpet can be large or small, but a professional Michigan carpet cleaning can revitalize what is underfoot. Continue reading “Protect Your Clean Carpet from Your Kids with a Michigan Carpet Cleaning”

Is Your Carpet Clean and Ready for Fall?

carpet cleaning for fallThere is usually a focus on spring cleaning. But it is important to prepare your home for fall too, especially when it comes to your carpet. Allergy season is year-round, dirt and debris aren’t going anywhere, and Michigan winters can be brutal – and all of these facts can impact the condition and health of your wall-to-wall carpeting. Continue reading “Is Your Carpet Clean and Ready for Fall?”

5 Carpet Cleaning Reminders for Back-to-School

back to school carpet cleaningWhen you have children in your house, your carpet endures a lot of activity. When school is back in session, everyone in your house is busy, which means spills, stains, or messes may not be tended to immediately. Even the most minimal carpet cleaning efforts can help your carpet maintain its shape and appearance before another brutal Michigan winter begins. Continue reading “5 Carpet Cleaning Reminders for Back-to-School”

The Effective, Easy Routine to Care for Your Carpet

care for your carpetWith all the responsibilities and obligations your family has, taking care of your carpet is one chore that can get away from you. But even if the carpet doesn’t look dirty, skipping a few vacuuming sessions isn’t a good idea. Regular vacuuming is essential to care for your carpet, and adopting a handful of other cleaning habits can maintain the look and extend the lifespan of your carpet. Continue reading “The Effective, Easy Routine to Care for Your Carpet”

Priorities for Hotel Carpet Cleaning

hotel carpet cleaningThe hospitality industry is an around-the-clock business, which doesn’t leave much downtime for cleaning efforts. While guests expect to see housekeeping tend to guest rooms daily, they may not wish to encounter hotel carpet cleaning jobs as they are underway. Nevertheless, this preference doesn’t mean you can slack on your establishment’s cleanliness efforts; it just means you must be as thorough as possible without interrupting the business at hand. Continue reading “Priorities for Hotel Carpet Cleaning”

5 Unique Needs of a Medical Office Cleaning

medical office cleaningBusiness offices are notable for multi-use waste cans, full recycling bins, and coffee rings on desks. Medical offices have the same, but these facilities require additional cleaning duties, special precautions, and attention to detail to ensure a safe, healthy space for patients and staff. Janitorial services from an experienced Michigan cleaning business fulfill the unique medical office cleaning needs. Continue reading “5 Unique Needs of a Medical Office Cleaning”

Is Your Carpet Clean, or Does It Just Look That Way?

carpet cleanCarpets are multi-talented. They soften a room, make it cozier, warm it up, and can even make rooms look larger. Carpeting also helps people who suffer from allergies and asthma by acting as a healthy filter and collecting allergens within the fibers of the carpet. Making your carpet work for you, however, begins with having a clean carpet. Even if your wall-to-wall carpeting seems fresh and new, deep down, you must have your floor covering properly disinfected to do the job it is intended to do. Continue reading “Is Your Carpet Clean, or Does It Just Look That Way?”