Protect Your Clean Carpet from Your Kids with a Michigan Carpet Cleaning

Michigan clean carpet

Michigan clean carpetMost children do not set out to ruin the carpet in your home. Accidents happen, someone forgets to remove their shoes, an open marker gets dropped on its tip, the list is endless. The damage to your clean carpet can be large or small, but a professional Michigan carpet cleaning can revitalize what is underfoot.

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5 Common Ways Kids Can Damage a Clean Carpet

Kids’ play habits and eating habits can create serious carpet damage day in and day out. You can try to keep little ones clear of clean carpet when they have foods or drinks in hand, but it’s inevitable – where there are kids and carpets, there are carpets that get soiled and stained.

  1. Crayon, marker, or paints. Keep those crafts reserved for the playroom or a floor that is easily wiped clean, and always keep a sheet or tablecloth under any especially messy crafts.
  2. Mud, dirt, and grass. Sure, you have a welcome mat, but how often do your kids wipe their feet thoroughly? Shoes off at the door is a better rule before they stomp through the house and track mud and dirt all over your clean carpet.
  3. Juice or soda. Drink spills are inevitable where kids are concerned. A juice box squeezed too hard, a soda can shaken before being opened, a child falling with drink in hand. Try to keep beverages limited to water in carpeted areas.
  4. Candy. Sugar on your carpet fibers can cause even a clean carpet area to soil again. Wipe those sticky fingers free of sugar or chocolate to keep your carpet safe.
  5. Gum. You don’t want to feel like you must resort to taking the scissors to the carpet fibers to rid your carpet of stuck-on gum. Leave this clean-up job to the professional carpet cleaners.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Practices for Parents

You may be tempted to tend to soiled carpet on your own. While you always want to blot a spot and do your best to get a stain out before it has time to set, attempting a DIY carpet cleaning on an entire carpet is unlikely to get the job done as thoroughly as it should be. Plus, there is plenty of room for error, which can do more damage to your carpet in the long run, and still leave you with poorly removed stains.

With children, there are parts of your carpet that will suffer stains, particularly in high-traffic areas, but you may not discover them immediately. Whether your child forgets to tell you or chooses not to inform you of an accident they’ve had on the carpet, a stain that has lived on your carpet for some time has a greater opportunity to sink deeply into the carpet fibers.

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Protect Your Family’s Health by Maintaining a Clean Carpet

Remember, opting for a professional Michigan carpet cleaning isn’t only about maintaining the appearance of your floor covering, it’s about getting your carpet clean deep down into the fibers. Dust, dirt, allergens, and so much more live in your carpet. Children lay, play, and roll around on the same carpet where you walk with your shoes and where your pets track debris. You want the surface where your family lives and plays to be as clean as possible.

Get the support you need to keep your carpet and home as clean as possible for the health of your family. Contact Nu-Way Carpet Cleaning in Macomb, Michigan.