5 Reasons You Must Clean the Carpet Before Baby Arrives

Carpet cleaning for your babyBabies spend a lot of time on the carpet. Beginning with the all-important tummy time, for the next several years of his life your child will lie, roll, crawl, fall, and play on your carpet every day. He will rub his face in the carpet fibers and dig his fingers into the plushness. Can you rest easily knowing your child is being directly exposed to dirt, mold, bacteria, pet dander, and other carpet lurkers?

Here are just five reasons why it’s a wise idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned before baby arrives, and about every six months or so thereafter.

The Five-Second Rule Is a Lie

Sure, everyone likes to think that something you are eating is still fine to eat even if you’ve dropped it on the floor for just a second. Children have no awareness of carpet cleanliness, and not only will they return dropped food to their mouth or bowl, they will also pick up toys from the carpet and stick them in their mouth. While it’s good for your child to get dirty and be exposed to bacteria, you can protect them from the obvious germs with a thorough carpet cleaning (upholstery cleaning isn’t a bad idea either).

You Wear Shoes in the House

If you come in from outside and leave your shoes on while walking over carpet and tile floor, you can be certain that the majority of whatever you walked over outside is being ground into your carpet fibers. Think of what’s on the sidewalks, yards, and parking lots outside – from pollen to dirt to animal waste to cigarette butts. Do you want any of these toxins in your carpet or all over your child? Not only is it a good idea to have your carpet cleaned, but it’s smart to begin a new habit – shoes off at the front door.

Allergies Run in the Family

You have no idea if your child will inherit the allergies or asthma that you or a loved one has. Hopefully not. While your baby’s DNA will do what it’s going to do, you can at least protect him from as many allergens as possible with a carpet cleaning that works down deep into carpet fibers. A cleaning removes dust and allergens from your carpeting while also improving the air quality in your home. Your baby will be in a safe environment from day one (especially if you add air duct cleaning to the mix too).

You Have a Pet

Whether cat, dog, or lovable rodent, if you have a pet in your house and baby is on the way, you’ll want to have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible. Ideally, you’ve been requesting regular carpet cleanings already because of your pet baby. The fur, dander, body oils, food, and outside tread that animals are responsible for will not only make your carpet look dirty, it will be dirty deep down inside. When you have a child and a pet, professional carpet cleaning is extra important.

You Take Your Time Cleaning Up Spills

When baby comes, you will be busy. There might be spit-up or a milk spill on the carpet. You may not even see it. Or you may not get to it immediately. If you are someone who simply doesn’t notice, or isn’t aware of carpet spills, then your rug is exposed to bacteria and dirt for far longer than it should be. This makes getting stains out much more difficult, and it makes your carpet prone to developing odors. A strong carpet cleaning will get your carpet back to looking like brand new.

Be sure to advise your carpet cleaning company that the main motivation behind your carpet cleaning is to prepare for baby. This will open up a discussion about the types of cleaning solutions that are used in the cleansing of your carpet. And you can ask all the questions you have about the best and safest upkeep for your carpets, rugs, and floors from here on out for your growing family. Contact Nu-Way Carpet Cleaning in Macomb, Michigan, to discuss your carpet cleaning needs today.