What Types of Carpet Stains Do You Have?

Carpet Stains

Carpet stains can really be awful. Maybe infrequent visitors to your home or the least-observant members of your family never see the spots you see on your carpet. But you’re not crazy. The stains really are there. And there are plenty of reasons why the stains could be present. Perhaps someone cleaned a stain improperly and made it worse. Maybe you didn’t see the stain right away and only discovered it days later after it had time to set in. And there is the possibility that when the stain happened you weren’t in a position to clean it immediately – in the middle of a party or while tending to a sick child, for example – and timeliness can make all the difference in a stain disappearing or sticking around forever.

There are different types of carpet stains, and your carpet may be infested with all or some of them. Knowing the source of the stain and how long it has been in place can help a professional carpet cleaner eliminate the stain most effectively. But it’s also important to keep in mind that some carpets of cheaper quality will not be cleaned easily, if at all. And, time and activity can add up to create stains that were seemingly absent one day and very present the next.

Here are just four of the most common types of carpet stains:

  • Traffic stains: You may feel as though wiping your feet on the mat means there isn’t much dirt and grime for your shoes to spread around. However, minute particles still remain on the soles of your shoes (and even slippers). And, because we are creatures of habit – walking the same paths or sitting in the same spot, your shoes constantly rub over the same carpet fibers, causing damage. Constantly abused carpet fibers no longer reflect light as they used to, which means the fibers are duller and look dirty.
  •  Pet stains: If you have a pet and you have a carpet, there is no question that you need regular carpet cleaning (and upholstery cleaning). Even the most well-trained pet can have an accident, cause an accident, or get sick on the carpet. Plus, pets shed, and fur and hair is easily trapped in carpet fibers. The hair can build up over time, further trapping stains and appearing as a concentrated stain.
  •  Food stains: Whether it’s coffee, wine, a juice box, or a slice of pizza, food stains are notorious for leaving yellow and brownish discoloration on the carpet. Even certain liquid medications that include dye can do their job – and dye your carpet a different color. Speed is of the essence when cleaning up food stains.
  • Product stains: Your bottle of nail polish tipped over. Your child’s markers found their way from the page to the carpet. Your partner dropped a bottle of glue. These oil-based stains are some of the most difficult to remove because of the composition of the offending items in question.

While it is absolutely frustrating to discover a carpet stain that has been in place for quite some time, the most important move you can make is tend to stains as soon as possible. And get the professional carpet cleaning help you need to deeply clean your carpet. If you lay on your carpet, if your children crawl on it, if your pets lounge on it – the stains are going to happen, no matter what. But having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year can maintain the life of your carpet, and keep it looking brand new.

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